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Electric Battery Care

Electric Battery Care

The most important component of your new EBike is the battery. It is important you follow these guidelines to maximize your battery heath and extend the battery life. Read the article below to learn how to care for your Ebike Battery.

Read The Owner’s Manual For The Electric Bike And The Battery Thoroughly

Be sure to read the Owner’s Manual supplied with your Electric Bike. There are specific instructions for charging and storing your battery that must be followed. You can find our Electric Bike Owner’s Manuals Link Here

Use The Supplied Charger With Your Electric Bike And Do Not Ever Mix Charging Cords

It is very important that you only use the supplied charger with your Electric Bike. If you try and use a charger other than the one that was supplied with your Electric Bike when it was purchased, you could risk overheating and even fire. Do not mix/match battery chargers from different Ebikes, or use a battery charger from another type of electronic component. It would be good practice to clearly label your battery, connectors and cords so you do not mix them up. If you have more than one bike, you can zip tie or stick a tag on the connectors to clearly indicate what bike they are to be used with. Consider putting a sticker on the charging port of the bike to clearly indicate what charger to use.

Keep Your Battery Dry At All Times

Charge only in a dry location, rain or standing water is bad for your charger.

Avoid Excess Heat

You should aim to store your battery at temperatures between 50°-70°F, and avoid direct sunlight and excessive heat of any kind.

Avoid Leaving Your Battery Charged To 100% All The Time

As tempting as it may be, keeping your battery at 100% charge will lead to range loss over time. To avoid this, you can occasionally ride your bike a bit past empty and store your battery at 75% charge. Remember, do not leave your battery charging longer than the manufacturer recommendations.

Lithium Batteries And Fire Risks

Very rarely, lithium ion batteries, like the ones supplied in Electric Bikes, catch fire. Often they are caused because the batteries have been improperly handled or stored. There are precautions you can take to be sure you reduce the risk of fire from lithium ion batteries. Aside from the precautions recommended above, such as clearly labeling your battery, and not mixing/matching battery components, please exercise the precautions below to increase safety and longevity of your electric bike battery:
  • Do not overcharge your battery.
  • When you plug it in, set a timer on your phone. Do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended charge times.
  • Set up a designated safe “Charging Station”
  • Designate an area away from excess heat or cold
  • Install a smoke detector above (or in close proximity to) your charging station.
  • Purchase a fire extinguisher, either a 5 lb. or larger ABC extinguisher, or a big CO2 extinguisher, or both.
  • Check the area surrounding your charging station and remove any flammable materials.

Use Common Sense

Your battery is typically the most expensive component on the bike, so treat it as such. Follow all recommendations listed here and in the Electric Bike Owner’s Manuals
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